ALVOSTASE filament

Hemostatic and antiseptic alveolar dressing

Material is used as a post-extraction alveolar dressing. Alvostase (filament) is a rayon filament made of nonwoven fabric (1 cm x 1 m), impregnated with active solution.

Alvostase is a special remedy for treatment of alveolitis. Introduced into the tooth socket, Alvostase rapidly alleviates the pain after tooth extraction. Material has therapeutic effect for a few hours and after that it gradually self eliminates from the socket. Alvostase has low local toxicity, it does not provoke ulceration on the oral mucosa. If used as a prophylactic instrument after tooth extraction, Alvostase works towards rapid and painless healing of tooth socket.

  • tricalcium phosphate
  • eugenol
  • olive oil
  • iodoform
  • rayon filament
1 x 10g of tampon-filament (1cm x 1m).