Gel for gingival retraction

Gingival retraction before impression taking with or without gingival tissues removal in close proximity to the tooth. Control of poor bleeding in cervical area. Gel is used before permanent cementation of prosthetic restorations and to stop poor capillary hemorrhage.

Retragel is an aluminium chloride polymeric gel which does not run or drip after its application and has a good adherence to tissues of operating zone. The abovementioned properties are distinctive features of Retragel. Thanks to polymeric base of gel, it does not dry providing defined advantages and ease of handling. Retragel contains aluminium chloride, vasoconstrictors and antiseptic agents to ensure beneficial effect on an operating zone. Due to such content, gel has astringent, hemostatic and disinfecting properties.

2 x 2,5ml syringes + 20 disposable application tips.