Omega Dent

Develops and manufactures quality dental materials for therapeutics, periodontics, endodontics, surgery and preventive therapy.
We see ourselves as dentist's partners. Hence, our aim is to facilitate his work, make it more efficient and handy - while his patient's comfort stays on top. That is what we struggle to implement with our products.

Through the years of effort our company has developed and put into production a wide range of materials.

Every time developing something new we use the latest scientific discoveries and clinical research experience. This approach enables us to expand, slowly but steadily, the range of our products.

From past till nowadays we develop and bring to life all our products following two paramount criteria – "quality” and “ease of working”. All the steps we take are based on the concept “to create the new things and to improve the old ones”.

When manufacturing our products we use the finest materials of leading European and American companies producing pharmaceutical raw materials and chemicals, since their products meet the highest standards, what enables us to get the required quality.

In developing and completing the sets of the materials we were guided by the criterion of "ease of working" to create the greatest comfort of work with our materials to the customers. Therefore, we have made a choice not to take advantage of cheap components, but to draw attention to the quality and the ease of operations.

Today Omega-Dent produces a wide range of quality products for professional dentistry at the level of highest standards of the industry.

Dear dentists!
We hope that you will appreciate our efforts.