Endodontic syringe

Endodontic syringes are used for irrigation of root canals with solution (sodium hypochlorite) while preparing them for obturation. “Endosyringe” is a syringe with special lock (Luer lock) and a special endodontic needle with an optimal diameter of 0.4 mm (27 G) and 35 mm long. Needle has a special cut of the tip, which makes impossible to introduce the irrigation solution beyond the apex and to create the excessive pressure in the periapical area, which may have adverse affect to the apex. When the needle tip is placed in a constricted portion of the root canal, the irrigant solution supplied under pressure could get to the periapical area, but side cut allows the fluid to reach the wider portion of the root canal and thus not create an excessive pressure in the periapical area. The irrigation solution flowing into a wider part of the canal directed to the pulp chamber, while producing its antiseptic action.

10 endodontic syringes.