Endodontic needles

Endodontic needles are used for root canal irrigation with solution (Sodium hypochlorite) prior to their obturation. Endoneedle is a special endodontic needle with optimal diameter of 0,4 mm (27 G); 0,3 mm (30 G) and 35 – 38 mm long. Blunt needle bevel makes it impossible to injure apex. Needles have lateral perforation (one or two lateral orifices) at a distance of 3 mm from the needle bevel which makes impossible to inject irrigation solution beyond the apex or create excessive pressure in the periapical area. Therefore, destructive influence on periodontium is avoided. While needle bevel is situated in the narrowed part of root canal, irrigation solution is injected under pressure. In spite of that pressure, solution is not injected in the periapical area, because due to lateral perforations liquid is allowed to overflow to wider part of root canal in order to avoid excessive pressure. Irrigation solution, overflowing to wider part of root canal, then is going to pulp camber and acts there as an antiseptic agent.

Set of 20 or 100 needles of sizes 0,3 (30 G), 0,4 (27 G) х 35 or 38 mm.