For dentinalgia curing

  • dentinalgia in cervical area

  • prior to the temporary crown cementation

  • after prophylactic teeth cleaning

  • in the process and after teeth bleaching

  • for using in periodontal surgery

Sensistab is a non-toxic easy-to-apply material, which is well tolerated by the soft tissues and does not provoke the teeth decoloration. Material chemical content allows the removal of smear layer, dentine tubules sealing and performing the dentinalgia curing in a one session. The tooth surface cleaning and rinsing is not required.
Sensistab reacts with tooth hydroxyapatite, forming small calcium granules, which are precipitated into dental tubules and on the alive dentine surface in a few seconds. Precipitated acid-resistant crystals form biological and chemical complex with live dentine.

1 x 8ml liquid bottle;
2 x 2,5ml gel syringes.