Caries inhibitory prophylactic fluorine varnish (transparent)

  • after dental deposits removal in process of professional hygienic tooth cleaning

  • in cases of caries at the stage of “white spot”, root caries, wedge-shaped defects

  • hyperesthesia treatment

  • after enamel polishing

  • to protect the stump of vital tooth

  • to treat adjacent tooth contact surfaces

  • for clasp denture attachment

  • after periodontal care to protect tooth cervical area

  • in cases of cervical hyperesthesia

Material is also used:

  • in pediatric dentistry for caries treatment and prophylaxis
  • for deciduous teeth retention
  • in case of pigmented deep fissures of permanent teeth, at the stage of fissure maturation and for treatment of immature fissures
The remedy active ingredient is an aminofluoride, a new generation fluorine compound, which is possessed of increased activity and greater safety.

  • aminoflyuorid
  • polymer base
  • flavoring
  • stabilizer
  • filler
1 x 13ml liquid bottle.