Solution for capillary hemostasis (AlCl3)

Gingival bleeding in cervical zone of the tooth. Apical bleeding.

Aluminum chloride stops capillary hemorrhage. In order to stop gingival bleeding, isolate operating zone using cotton pellets and after that treat the gingival tissues on the area of bleeding with hemostatic solution. Moreover, it is necessary to administer the bleeding area to avoid blood oozing. Often after pulp extraction or its necrosis root canal bleeding occurs. Hematoma in close proximity to tooth apex provokes inflammatory process with subsequent granuloma formation. To prevent these effects, it is necessary to treat root canal with a cotton pellet, wetted with hemostatic solution.

  • aluminum chloride
  • sulphate oxykinolein
  • distilled water
1 x 13ml liquid bottle;
1 x 25ml liquid bottle.