Hemostatic and antiseptic powder

Algistab is used as a hemostatic agent after tooth extraction, calculus scaling, after direct impression taking, in cases of periodontal care, alignment of comb-shaped dental arch, gigngivectomty and for tooth sockets treatment.

Algistab stops any types of capillary hemorrhage. The main active ingredients of powder are alginic acid in combination with high-viscosity sodium alginate, that form high-viscosity gel when in close contact with blood, which exerts pressure on capillaries and, thus, keeps blood clots in the tooth socket. Iodoform and methyl parahydroxybenzoate provide antiseptic properties of powder and increase material shelf life. Algistab is non-toxic material and it might be combined with antibiotic or antiseptic treatment.

  • alginic acid
  • high-viscosity sodium alginate
  • methyl parahydroxybenzoate
  • iodoform
1 x 10g of powder.