Calcium hydroxide for root canal filling

Endodontic treatment of infected root canals; temporary root canal filling in cases of granulating periodontitis and granulomatous periodontitis for canal disinfection and maintenance of high pH of 11–12. Calsept is used as a healing liner to promote formation of secondary dentine in deep carious cavities.

As a result of suppurative inflammation localized in pulp and periodontium, infection penetrates through dentine tubules into root dentine and therefore conventional technique of root canal antiseptic treatment does not guarantee full protection against secondary infection. Thus, besides  conventional method of root canal treatment, it is necessary  to perform temporary root canal obturation using Calsept to provide long-lasting antiseptic effect in root canals.

  • calcium hydroxide
  • barium sulphate
  • isotonic solution
2 x 2,5ml syringes + 20 application tips.