Two-component protective calcium hydroxide liner

Calcipulpine Plus is used as a protective cavity liner based on calcium hydroxide and hydroxyapatites for direct and indirect pulp capping and for isolation of tooth from filling materials. Protects pulp from harmful effects, particularly from bacteria toxins.

Calcipulpine Plus contains calcium hydroxide which has high pH level and in case of applying at the bottom of cavity material chemically neutralizes the acids penetrating from oral cavity or from cements and, thus, protects the pulp from penetration of acids. Paste, when in contact or close proximity to pulp, promotes the formation of secondary dentine. Calcipulpine Plus is a two-component system (paste+paste). After mixing, a homogenous paste is formed, which can be easily applied into a cavity.

1 x 11g paste “A” tube + 1 x 13g paste “B” tube;
Attention! Each tube with paste should be covered with its original caps. Do not use caps from other tubes!