Topical anesthetic

  • local anesthesia of oral mucosa before anesthetic injection
  • topical anesthesia prior to the extraction of mobile or deciduous teeth
  • topical anesthesia prior to the lancing of abscesses and prior to the calculus scaling
Gel contains a well-known anesthetic lidocaine hydrochloride, which provides deep and rapid anesthetic effect in the operating zone, excluding pain and discomfort during dental procedures. Flavoring agent, containing in gel, provides pleasant odor, saccharin sugars the gel and sorbitol ensures the gel softness. Lidoxor Gel does not cause burning or prickling sensation. It is particularly recommended to use gel in patient with allergic reaction to benzocaine, if such gel using sharply minimizes the risk of the abovementioned reactions.

1 x 45g tube;
Available in three flavors: wild berry, green apple, citrus.