Solution for antiseptic treatment of root canals

  • Antiseptic treatment of root canals in case of complicated 4th degree carious cavities, after canal content removal

  • Mummification of branched nerve fibers after pulp devitalization with arsenic-based paste

  • Root canal disinfection after cyst, abscess or fistula

  • Moreover, solution is used as a liquid for cured zinc oxide paste for root canal filling

Guaiaphen contains powerful bactericidal and provides effective antiseptic treatment of root canals and carious cavities. Guaiacol (phenol derivative) is a principal component of creosote and highly active local antiseptic with bactericidal and fungicidal effects. Moreover, guaiacol provides local analgesic effect. Phenol has antiseptic and mummifying effects.

  • guaiacol
  • phenol
  • formaldehyde
  • glycerin
1 x 13ml liquid bottle.