For deep enamel and dentine fluorination

  • prophylaxis and treatment of all carious cavity classes

  • treatment of the primary caries, when only the enamel is eroded and mechanical treatment is not indicated

  • enamel hyperesthesia

  • caries prophylaxis in case of orthodontic appliance use

  • treatment of non-carious enamel lesions (erosion, wedgeshaped defects)

  • treatment of sensitive areas after tooth bleaching

  • fissures (without enamel preparation)

  • treatment of periodontitis; hypersensitivity in tooth cervical zone

  • enamel sealing after dental calculus removal and professional tooth cleaning

  • Trifluor liquid is a solution containing silicate-magnesium fluoride complex and copper-magnesium fluoride complex. Trifluor suspension contains calcium hydroxide and methylcellulose.
1 x 10ml liquid bottle + 1 x 10ml suspension bottle.