Self-curing glass ionomer filling material for pediatric dentistry

GlassIn Kids is used as a filling material for restorations of all cavity classes of deciduous teeth and cavity classes III and V of permanent teeth. Restorations of noncarious lesions of hard tissues.

The distinctive feature of “powder+liquid”  system is that all particles are bound after cement structure formation. Consequently due to this feature bound particles are not leached from cement. GlassIn Kids is highly biocompatible and has good chemical adhesion to enamel and dentin. Anticariogenic activity is ensured by prolonged release of fluoride ions.

  • GLASSIN Kids powder is a fine-dispersed aluminium-calcium-lanthanum-fluorosilicic glass with radiopaque excipients. GlassIn Kids liquid is an aqueous solution of polyacrylic acid (with specific molecular weight) with organic additives improving its properties.
1 x 10g powder bottle + 1 x 8g liquid bottle; Shades: A2, A3.