Protective calcium hydroxide liner

Calcipulpine is used as a cavity liner to protect dentine in cases of deep caries, accidental pulp exposure and after pulpotomy. Liner is used for hyperesthesia treatment of tooth prepared for dental crown.

Protects pulp from harmful effects, particularly from bacteria toxins and promotes formation of secondary dentine. Pulp capping with a paste after accidental exposure is obligatory. Such technique is utilized in case of pulpitis treatment using biologic method (pulp hyperemia, permanent teeth pulpitis at initial stage in pediatric dentistry). Material contains calcium hydroxide which has high pH level and in case of applying at the bottom of cavity material chemically neutralizes the acids penetrating from oral cavity or from cements and, thus, protects the pulp from effect of acids.

2 plastic syringes x 2,5ml, 4 metal tips and plastic container filled with calcium hydroxide with special additives preventing material setting in a tip.